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Debian - My server uses a single core CPU
Friends, sorry for English, I doubt a huge one months and will do what I'm trying to solve, but everything I have done nothing to solve.
I have a problem when the server has more than 30 player start playing the lags, it seems that only uses one CPU core, already changed my system to 64bit and nothing to resolve, see.
Does anyone has gone through this and can help me?
See the image below:

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Srcds can only use one core. Nothing more to it.
~ trewq
your cpu (E5530 says your screen shot) might be a little slow for that number of slots. what you can try is compiling your own kernel (a recent unpated kernel, or maybe with ZEN patches) with settings optimized for maximum throughput (i.e. HZ=100, dynamic ticks and no preemption) and reduce your tickrate and server fps (fps_max 100, sv_maxupdaterate 33, sv_maxcmdrate 33). maybe that helps a little.. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Srcds can only use one core.
this in linux?
if the windows server will have the same problem?
You try game server kernel Rolleyes
I came to a conclusion that I should have taken before.
Games were made for windows unfortunately, to be used in Linux requires more effort and is likely not to work, is a Russian roulette.
The staff of technical support company that hosts my dedicated server, you can not upgrade the kernel mentioned in another post, in this same forum, because it is incompatible with the equipment and cause the kernel panic.
To run on Linux it takes a lot of adjustments and that's bad.
I apologize to fans of Linux, but I see what games were designed to run on windows.
I switched to windows and everything is running 100%, and the lowest consumption of processing already seen, and I have several servers 1 with a 60slot up and running smoothly and not lag.
Maybe you should change your Host if he tells you such things about kernel panic withoout telling why.
The picture shows your system is using the 2.6.26er kernel. Its old and does not support the newest hardware. My kernels (the ones babak linked) support all drivers your kernel already supports plus some newer ones.
There is one possible case it wont work: exotic hardware and your hoster added kernelmodules to your kernel to support them. But he should/would have mentioned that.
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You`ll also find precompiled debian gameserver kernels for download

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