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Downloadurl problem
Hey everyone, I have a small problem with my downloadurl, I have it set up correctly on my TF2 server, but the thing is, when I set it on a map no one has, it downloads the map like it should for me, but when anyone else tries to join, it rejects them saying they don't have the map. I don't understand it, why is it downloading the map really fast for me, but not downloading at all for anyone else? This is what is in my server.cfg:

sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_downloadurl ""

please help, thanks!
Well, the URL you have there is invalid for me. So if it is recently added, you will have to wait awhile to have it propagate throughout the internet.

Also, add the cvar net_maxfilesize 999, and take the trailing slash off the URL.
I can get to it now. Also make sure you have proper map files in your maps folder as some of them are ztmp but no bsp's for them Smile
~ trewq

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