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No one can connect to my server could someone help please?
Win Vista Home Prem
Intel Quad Core 2.50GHz 6GB Ram
Upload 2mb

NO ROUTER, Directly connected through my modem. Only programs running while the server is running is default windows programs and avg. I've also tried this without avg and it didn't work. I play on my laptop so i'm trying to run a server just for my friends and I to experiment with.

Mods installed: Sm, Es, + addons/plugins.
I doubt this is the cause though i've tried a clean install and people still couldn't connect.

So my problem is when I start the server it shows up in my "LAN" tab in CS:S
Although no one can connect to it, I can. Does this mean I set it up wrong?

The ip shows as Ports: 27015 SV / 27005 CL.
When I go to whatismyip for example if its 64.128.127 and I type +ip 64.128.127 ..nothing happens the ip/ports stay the same even if I type +port 27016...

If I type -ip 64.128.127 it says something about not finding a port.

I can connect to my own server if it's up but other people can't i've tried sv_lan 0 and i've searched in a bunch of places. People can't connect no matter what I type into the "target" area. I've tried giving them my ip, i've tried changing it to a different port (-/+port works sometimes) and i've tried giving them a bunch of different ports and ips to connect although nothing works. I can't connect to my server through my ip either I can only connect through the ip it shows in the lan tab ex:

Is there anything I can do to get people to connect?

I am NOT trying to play and run a server on the same computer i'm just trying to run it so I can play with people from my wireless laptop. Please and thank you for all the help in advance.
Your Modem most likely is using NAT to translate data into your local IP ( 192.etc ) and probably also has a Firewall...
Most DSL modems have this.
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All right after searching it said that i'm behind a gateway do I have to port forward my stuff then? Is it the same procedure as port forwarding routers?
Yes, it should be similar.
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