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adding sound
How do u add custom sounds to ur server, using mani and play them during gameplay as admin ? like the ones mani already have installed.
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ok make a folder and call it w/e u want. example: i want the leroy jenkins yell in my sound list so i can play it in-game as admin so ill name the folder leroy and put the sound inside it.

next, take the folder and add it in the sound folder in the cstrike folder. EX: \cstrike\sound\leroy\leroy.wav

Then go to the soundlist.txt in the mani_admin_plugin folder.


Sroll down to the bottom and Add the name of the sound and where its located ExSadsound\leroy\leroy.wav)

So at the bottom of the text file it should look like this:

"I am the great Cornholio" admin_plugin/cornholio.wav
"Leroy Jenkins" leroy\leroy.wav

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yup, and be sure to remember that they won't take effect until the server is restarted. maybe a map change, i dont remember how often the soundlist.txt is read.

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