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[SOLVED] Servers are working as LAN Class C
Hi people!

Well, im really confused...
I have some SRCDS and HLDS servers in my Debian x64 5.0.5 Box, and since a couple of hours ago, i cant access the SRCDS servers. When i try to connect it says "LAN servers are restricted to local clients (class C)."

Before you ask, YES, sv_lan is set to 0 both on launchline and server.cfg.
Also, the weird thing is that this just happened suddenly (there werent any plugin/mod, etc update install), and its affecting ALL SCRDS servers, but HLDS servers are working fine.

Any idea?

EDIT: Problem Solved
Problem Solved!

i figured out that kern.log and syslog were about 200gb each one and now its working as it should.

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