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How to Port Forward SRCDS
My Server is finished setted up, now i just wanna let people join it from the internet. But when i ask people to join, they just say that they can't. Then i found out that there is something called port forwarding... and i'm sorry, but i dont know what that is... so can you explain to me what it is, and what to do with it?

(Also answer in danish, if you can.)
1) Run the command prompt by either typing cmd in the Vista/7 search bar, or typing it in RUN in XP.
2) Type ipconfig
3) Find the default gateway IP, and open it in your browser
4) Find a port forwarding section on your router
5) Open ports 27000-27040 UDP and TCP to your computer
Whaha google translate:

1) Kør kommandoprompten ved enten at skrive cmd i Vista / 7 søgning bar, eller skrive det i RUN i XP.
2) Type ipconfig
3) Find den standard gateway IP, og åbne den i din browser
4) Find en port forwarding afsnit om din router
5) Åbn havne 27.000-27.040 UDP og TCP til din computer
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lol i dont know what my pass is... its not 1234 or admin..
how do i find my custom password to logon at my gateway thing site..
can this thing be done with a program
a free one
Search for the default password or try resetting the router if you can.
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okay i'll reset it, when my dad isn't home Smile
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