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help with translate plz
Hey guys,

I want to translate the mani admin plugin in greek but I encounter a big problem there.To be honest,I can't translate some phrases,such as:

(ADMIN) x slayed player y
(ADMIN) x slapped ...

But the BIGGEST problem is that I can't translate the phrase "Choose your skin",which is located in the first window when someone joins the server and then joins a team,EVEN THOUGH there is in cfg/mani_admin_plugin/language/english the phrase 01386;;Choose your skin.The truth is that the cfg do not translate this phrase and leave it as is,instead,it translates only the title phrase at the skin selection menu,accessed by typing "settings" in chat.

So,what is going on?How to translate this phrase and others "missing" ones?

If there is a "missing" 5 digit code for that missing translation (ex 01234),and they forgot to add it to the language/english.cfg,it would be good to know it.

Thank you in advance!!

Please reply to me,because the mani_admin_plugin forum is inactive right now,and I know you are the best guys Big Grin,thank you
Please post your translation as an attachment or in code formats.
(08-11-2010, 03:12 AM)realchamp Wrote:  Please post your translation as an attachment or in code formats.

Maybe you didn't understood me,I don't have the problem in the whole cfg,lots of phrases are translated into greek,but the problem is with that only phrase (for now).Anyway,the cfg that I working on now is that (i didn't finish yet):

Thank you

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