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tf2 stuff with cfg
hey folks , im having this error : couldn't exec ctf_well.cfg
searched for it and it wasnt even there ?
is this right ? probs not
any1 got the cfg's for me ?
problem of server.cfg exec is solved (thx to the ready to use .xfg Cool)
thx ppl Smile
oh and btw still not getting it to use the external ip Sad even after sv_lan 0 and heartbeat and changelevel
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EDIT: made a new one for you Wink
The specific map configuration files are made so you can set unique or different settings other than defined in your server.cfg.

You shall create these configuration files yourself, as they are not created by default.
nother thinG ; quite weird actually: the ip on my big pc is the same as on my server pc (in the same network) 0.o
yes its my external ip is this normal or is my router mad?
Nope, this is normal... Your ISP will provide your home with an IP and all devices on your home network will use this IP to contact the outside world.
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ok so thats one less worry , now using the official server.cfg
less errors but Still no internet -.- still on lan
portst forwarded : 2700-27015(for both) and 1 extra rule for UDP 27015-27016
and DMZ enabled for to
UPDATE : even set out a static IP now according to PF .com
deleted all ports forwarded and made a rule in virtual server ( for forwarding a single port) for 27015 to IP
enabled DMZ for to
STILL ON LAN , still giving LAN ip as network ip -.-
posting screenshot with this reply

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The server will always reflect it self as the LAN ip when behind a router. You will use this IP to communicate with it, but if you properly port forwarded through NAT on your router and allowed inbound 27015 connections on your server. Then users can join your server using that external IP you get from your ISP.

When they connect using that IP and the port your router will begin forwarding all data privately to your server etc.
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ya ok, but yesterday i gave my ext ip with port and still,he was not able to join
i have a sitecom wl 306 router maybe someone can help?
with port forwarding

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