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IP Always Changes?
Hello guys, I am running a srcds on windows and I have a weird problem,

I portforwarded my server, and i used the ip to connect to my router, and I added the ports to 27015 and 27016 on BOTH of those 1 settings.

And when i do that, i put my IPv4 address on the lines to open, but randomly sometimes on my server, people cant connect, I check the settings, and my IPv4 address changes, if i reset my router, and change the ip to the new one, it works.

Im curious, why does it change?

im running

Windows 7 Home Basic
Netgear Router
Because you have DHCP on. The router gives you a new local IP. Make the IP on the server static:
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Also your ISP might use DHCP as well so you will have to setup a dynamic DNS service in order for users to connect using the same IP each time.
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Dyndns saves the day idd
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