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glibc detected ./srcds_linux: malloc()
Dropped edvin_я┤я┐п╨::: from server (Disconnect by user.)
L 08/05/2010 - 02:15:53: "edvin_я┤я┐п╨:::<80><STEAM_0:0:12703453><>" connected, address ""
Client "edvin_я┤я┐п╨:::" connected (
L 08/05/2010 - 02:15:53: "edvin_я┤я┐п╨:::<80><STEAM_0:0:12703453><>" STEAM USERID validated
L 08/05/2010 - 02:15:57: "edvin_я┤я┐п╨:::<80><STEAM_0:0:12703453><>" disconnected (reason "")
Dropped edvin_я┤я┐п╨::: from server (Disconnect by user.)
*SPEC* Bes: ^^
L 08/05/2010 - 02:16:01: "Bes<73><STEAM_0:1:26840633><Spectator>" say "^^"
L 08/05/2010 - 02:16:35: "phoonomnomnomnomnomnom<48><STEAM_0:1:20461297><TERRORIST>" disconnected (reason "")
Game will not start until both teams have players.
Dropped phoonomnomnomnomnomnom from server (Disconnect by user.)
(Spectator) Bes: я█я█я█ пҐп╟я┘я┐п╧  п╩п╬п╧пЁя─п╟п╡
L 08/05/2010 - 02:16:54: "Bes<73><STEAM_0:1:26840633><Spectator>" say_team "я█я█я█ пҐп╟я┘я┐п╧  п╩п╬п╧пЁя─п╟п╡"
*** glibc detected *** ./srcds_linux: free(): corrupted unsorted chunks: 0x0e25bd40 ***
*** glibc detected *** ./srcds_linux: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x0e10fdb8 ***

Got such problem on my bhop server.
Other servers on this computer works fine without problems with memory.

The server is unavailable untill i kill the process.

Does anyone know the reason of this memory corruption?

Loaded plugins:
0:      "Source Python Extensions, 2009 - 2010, your-name-here"
1:      "Metamod:Source 1.8.2"
2:      "Mattie's EventScripts,, Version:"
3:      "DoS Attack Fixer,"
4:      "Tickrate_Enabler 0.1, Didrole"

sm plugins list
[SM] Listing 28 plugins:
  01 "Rock The Vote" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  02 "Basic Votes" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  03 "Anti-Flood" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  04 "Player Commands" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  05 "Basic Commands" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  06 "Fun Commands" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  07 "Kigen's Anti-Cheat" ( by CodingDirect LLC
  08 "Advertisements" (0.5.5) by Tsunami
  09 "Force Timelimit" (1.1.201) by <eVa>Dog
  10 "Basic Comm Control" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  11 "Admin Help" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  12 "Admin Menu" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  13 "SteamBans.Ru - п•пЄп╦пҐп╟я▐ п═п╬я│я│п╦п╧я│п╨п╟я▐ п▒п╟пҐ-п║п╦я│я┌п╣п╪п╟" (1.7) by Someone&O-kak
  14 "SourceBans" (1.4.6) by InterWave Studios Development Team
  15 "MapChooser" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  16 "Nextmap" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  17 "Stop HintText Sound" (1.0.0) by Tauphi, exvel
  18 "Reserved Slots" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  19 "RCON Lock" (0.6.7) by devicenull
  20 "Map Nominations" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  21 "Sound Commands" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  22 "Client Preferences" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  23 "Basic Chat" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  24 "Admin File Reader" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  25 "Multiplayer Bunnyhops: Source" ( by DaFox & petsku
  26 "Fun Votes" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  27 "Basic Info Triggers" (1.3.2) by AlliedModders LLC
  28 "Dissolve" ( by L. Duke


[EventScripts] Loaded:
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/testlib
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/interfaces
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/linkedlist
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/repeat
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/score
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/xalias
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/textlib
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/playergetset
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/getbotname
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/damage
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/playervar
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/sqlitelib
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/statlog
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/quickcmd
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/queue
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/vecmath
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] mapcfg
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] falldamage
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/services
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/foreach
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/average
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/keyfilter
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/uniqueid
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/timelib
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/keygroupsort
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/keygrouprand
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/keyrand
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/exp
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/isnumerical
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/escinject
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/getplayercount
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/usermsglib
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/inrange
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/entitylib
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/es_install
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/es_checkversion
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/es_mexec
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] corelib/clientcmd
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] examples/auth/basic_auth
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] est_init
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] popup
[EventScripts]        name: Popup library wrapper
[EventScripts]     version: oy29
[EventScripts]         url:
[EventScripts]      author: GODJonez + ES 2.0 Beta Test team
[EventScripts]    description: Provides menu and pop-up handling for Source games
[EventScripts]    basename: popup
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] checkpoint
[EventScripts]   [ enabled] radio
you have quite a number of plugins running, it could be any of them. first at all I would remove the "tickrate enabled", that thing is crap and will only make your server worse (valve has a reason to limit the tickrate). if that doesn't help, try removing all plugins and then add them one by one again, until the error happens again. make sure you test the server long enough before adding the next plugin, so you will catch the error for sure. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!
there is no way to do bhop on for example exodus or addict without tick 100.
Think the reason is in eventscripts that are still beta.
Well, i'll try to find out which of the plugins does such curious thing.
Thanks anyway.
(08-05-2010, 09:32 PM)nyf-nyf Wrote:  there is no way to do bhop on for example exodus or addict without tick 100.
try something like this: (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!

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