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Bots > players || CPU?
Hi, i would like to ask, if it's possible to count the CPU usage of normal players, if i know the usage of bots? Or they are the same? Or like double or less or more or something like that?

I mean my server haven't been full yet, at most - ~12 players from 25. So i have added bots to check if it is not laggy. It was horrible. Like 20-30 seconds after 5seconds from ruond beginning i was getting 10 instead of 66 rate and yellow lerp (wrote 100 though)... So i would like to know how it would be with normal players...
What game? OS? More info pls
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in general, bots use more cpu than human players, but they don't use the net engine. so you cannot use them for testing. I have seen both scenarios, a server running fine with bots but lagging with human players and vice versa. Test with human players only. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Ah, sorry, again forgot to mention: Counter Strike Source and Linux.

And thanks for your answer, that's what i thought.

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