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Major DirectInput Error!
Server OS: Windows XP Pro SP3 - Latest Updates
Processor: AMD Athlo II X2 240 - 2.8GHz OCed to 3.4GHz
Ram: 2GB
Game(s): Left 4 Dead
SRCDS: v1.0.1.8 (Windows, Dedicated, Protocol 7)
Start Up Command: srcds.exe -console -game left4dead -port 27015 +map l4d_vs_hospital01_apartment -tickrate 33
Admin Mods: None

hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game l4d_full -dir c:\Program Files\Servers\L4D\l4d_tdd
Whenever the server is up directinput dies, running dxdiag returns the following:
Error: Problem getting input info, result code = 0x80004005 (generic failure)
Then going to the Input tab shows that "No input devices detected"
Everything in the computer is up to date, from motherboard drivers, to graphics, to software and windows updates. Everything running off of a brand new windows installation fully updated for the sole purpose of troubleshooting this problem.

Running srcds in console or non-console mode doesn't seem to solve the problem, it still occurs nevertheless.

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