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L4D2 Is it possible to get more than 4 ppl join by quick search in game
When dealing with lobby reservation, I am concerned that people can not find my server through steam(I guess I am the only person use ip/steam group to join my server). So what does lobby reservation do to server search?
1.Can lobby game use an unsecured server?
2.Can people join an unsecured server(game in progress)by quick search?

My guess is both are yes, or my remove lobby reservation stuff failed to work?

3.Can ppl join an unsecured server with 4 players (still have slots available) ?
I've never seen this happen so I guess not.(Steam count players on a server and if its 4 then it decides the server is full, instead of using a full flag which can utilize all the available slots)
If ppl can join the server while there are already 4 ppl, that would be really cool.
Can someone verify my guess?

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