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Can you help me with this debate?
I hope this is the proper board for this.

I am having a bit of a scuff with a co-worker right now. We finally got our 2 game servers installed with Linux (CentOS 64-bit), and I have been getting them ready for use in the next week or two. I have also been writing documentation to go with them so if I am not in the office, someone can handle the basic maintenance, and flow. Our hosting partners are all Linux gurus, so any issues with the servers they can ask them. My co-worker is saying that in the future if we start selling the game servers as a business, we should be running strictly Windows servers. Mainly because, "co-workers are more familiar with Windows." Even though, most of the co-workers are sales people and still have a pretty hard time with Windows in general.

Our servers are already installed and he wants to change them to Windows Server 2008.

Is he right to force me to change this plan that I have been using since February after installation is complete, or is his point valid and should be taken into account in the future?

I am going to refuse to take the current servers offline, because it has taken me most of the year to get this going.

Any advice/comments/suggestions/concerns are welcome.
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Depends on how much work your wanting to do in terms of support etc and if you have some form of panel for customers to use etc both platforms have there own pros and cons
Well the main issue is that the two servers are the company's servers, so they aren't for sale.

Anyways, I got an update from one of my superiors. Basically, the hosting group we are using refuses to deal with the other guy, so they do my co-worker off the project completely, so problem avoided.

Thanks for the comment Simon.
"Strive On - The Control of Nature is won, not given."

"It's hard to be humble when you're this good."

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