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performance issues?
i'm running a DOD:S server on slack 10.2. pentium 4 2.4 ghz, 512 ram on a dell poweredge 650 server. i'm only getting 49.86 fps with no users in the server (stats command in console via ssh). any idea why this is so low?

now somethinga bit more serious. i'm unable to see the server in the server browser period. i turned off the port forwarding, set sv_lan 1 and i still couldn't see it in the server browser (lan page)

the server tries to hook itself into (obvious problem there) but i tell it to use if i use connect i'm able to get into it. any help is greatly appreciated.
sv_lan 1 means your server is seto to lan only. Use sv_lan 0 in the server.cfg and you will see it from internet. Also start srcds with +ip <server's IP> so u have rcon access.

edit: forgot this for the pingboost i was thinking for win srcds.

I've found the problem. It is in the kernel, take a look here -
i know it means lan only. see the problem is that i can't see it in the lan list when it's lan only, noone can see it when it's sv_lan 0 the two other admins can SSH to the box fine, but noone not on lan can get to the DOD server. i can only get to the server if i type connect *ip* in the console and the server is sv_lan 1

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