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Low fps, need HELP !
Ok, I have a remote server but the machine isn't powerfull, something around 1,3-1,5 ghz, 512 RAM i think. I don't know exactly what is the machine, the guy didn't told me, and 3-4 mbit upload. So i've decided to install srcds for a 12 players CS: Source server. Also the server isn't full always, average 6-7 ppl so i don't need much bandwith.

The ping is ok, but the FPS is VERY low, it is around 50 when empty and if we play 5 ppl goes @ 25-40 fps and the cpu seems ok 40%. Very bad Sad

It is working on Linux hutt 2.4.27-1-386.
Runs scrcds with the default tickrates and settings.
fps_max is 300.

So can somebody help me with some optimizations so the fps can be increased on this machine ?
C'mon guyz i've searched a lot and found other ppl with the sam problem fps not going over 50 for linux. Does i need a kernel recompilations or what please help :`(

EDIT: I've found the problem is in the 2.4 kernel>

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