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Special ip/hostname settings?
Hey I am not new to running a server but I am new to dyndns. I was hoping you could help me. Of course I have a server with a dynamic IP and so i got dyndns. It works perfectly for my web server, but not my cs:s server. To add a server in favorites it adds it(for me at least) with the IP. I want it to add it as but for some reason when I add that it changes it to my current IP address. Then the next day at 6:50 when my ip changes it says not responding. And If you are in the game and say add current to favorites it adds the IP. Is there a way to change this?
yea.. thats whay it does.. it adds what the domain resolves to. it sucks.. but yea. i have yet to find a way so that it will just keep the domain.

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