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delaying a command
Well the title says it... I was wondering if there was a way to delay a command?
If there is a sv way or eventscripts or mani thoose would all work for me.

wait will do it.. but wait itself is a very very small period of time.. you can alias it to extend this time, like multiple waits. you have to add something like
alias wait2 "wait; wait"
alias wait4 "wait2; wait2"
alias wait8 "wait4; wait4"
alias wait16 "wait8; wait8"
alias wait32 "wait16; wait16"
to the top of the exec file, and then just add wait32 or whatever.. keep in mind though that even 32 waits.. is less then a second. thats about the only way i know
I am looking for a way to execute 2 mins later... That would make for a pretty long file.
yes it would... as far as i know, thats about the only way to do it though. so if you find anything else out let me know, you could just have it exec a specific file, and have that file have all the waits, and then do whatever you want. i don't know. sorry im not much help.

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