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Router and port forwarding probs
I recently bought a wireless router and AP for my house, I use to run my modem directly to my PC but had to get the router for wireless reasons. I forwarded the ports in my router but no one can connect to my game, like its setup for lan only. I have the cvars correct. Do I have to forward the ports on both my modem and router or wat? kinda lost here. any help would be appreciated THNX
alright.. well you do know that when you connect to a router it gives the pc a different ip. like 192... somethng, or 127.. something.. either way, but thats just the local ip.. you will need people to connect to the external ip.. find that out by going to try giving that ip out to someone along with the port at the end, and see if they can connect

note-you on the same local network would have to connect to the local ip.

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