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How to get even teams in TF2 Arena
With uneven teams on arena_ maps it quickly gets unfair -especially with small teams.

The old default auto balance split the players into 3 teams, where two teams were playing and one team sat out waiting. (tf_arena_use_queue 1)

The new auto balance just lets everyone play regardless of uneven teams.

Non of the solutions are very good. I would like it so that everyone gets to play, and just one person sits out each round (and only if there's an uneven number of players).

On my small arena server with a player cap of 10, it's silly to have only 3 players on each team max, and another 3 or 4 sitting out waiting -.-

I want it so that games can be 5vs5 if there are 10 players and 4vs4 if there are 9 or 8 players.

Please help.

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