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A few questions...
Ok I have alot of questions I need awnsering, I just started up my server and cant do crap with it.

1.How do I add bots?
2. How do I add messages to the console(like it pops up in the top right hand corner)?
3. how do I add a message to the motd?
4. How do I get all the admin things(slap,freeze,gimp,etc,etc)
5.How do I get my charecter to say admin on his back?
6. how would I save all the info my server had when I have to resstart my comp?
1.alright.. well if this is a dod:s server.. then you can't have bots from what i understand (i don't know.. haven't been able to afford dods yet)
2.that would be through a plugin like mani, and i think its like ma_msay or something like that.
3.there should be a file called motd.txt and thats basically a html file with a txt extension. so make that any way you want.
4.admin things would be through like mani
5.thats a skin.. and you most definatly should NOT do that unless you have a site for fast downloading, because everyone that comes to the server will have to download that skin, and without the sv_downloadurl being used.. it will take a long while to download. this is also done through mani though. have to make a server.cfg file.. thats to make one for css, thats the only maker i know of.. its pretty relavant for all source servers though. should get the basic stuff for everything.. just save that in notepad and name it "server.cfg" in the cfg folder.

anything else?
Well actualy its a CS:S server

oh and where would I enter the file, and where would I be able to get to the file?

where would I enter:ma_msay?
the server.cfg file? you put that into notepad, and save it as server.cfg and then you put it in the directory on the server cstrike/cfg

and ma_msay is a console command through mani actually.. so you would have to have mani installed and running for that to work, but it would be ma_msay (message) or do you mean like ads kind of.. that have like a rotation and always pop up?? cuz thats mani as well.. and theres a file called adverts.txt and you would have to edit that to put what you want in it.

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