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cannot install srcds
i try to install it.
ive created the "srcds" folder on my c drive and i try to install it to that dir
after i tell it to go to that dir and hit next it pops up with something saying that it cannot install it because there is another instance of the installer allreaddy open but there isnt one and ive restarted to make sure but still no

windows 2000 pro
thats odd.. hmm.. your useing the hldsupdatetool? make sure you installed that first.. other then that.. i don't know.. lol.

do you specify the directory in the cmd line.. like when you exec the updatetool.. like by typeing "hldsupdatetool.exe -game cstrike -dir c:\srcds"
same here i get exsactly the same error

but it only occurs with version of hldsupdatetool

and not version for some reason

i am downloadin it again

to see if version works but i am not sure

I used version of hldsupdatetool and it worked.
For setting up server Counter-strike Source, you have to type it all - "cstrike" is not enough:

goto the map in commandprompt: C:\SRCDS
type the following:

hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir C:\SRCDS

So be it...
i wonder if having a working registered steam acount makes any diffrence couse i just made an account for this pc and i have not entered the pins and stuff so i can't play any games!

does any one know if it makes a diffrence
Makes no difference !
My game-Server is installed at my work (with kindly accept) with no registered account.
So be it...
ok i got it to install it turns out that you cant have the installer in the same directory as you are installing it to, so i just moved it out and bada bing
sweet im guna try that now

does any 1 no wht the diffrence with versions is anyway ??


the difference is that they are different Wink Gaming Servers
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that was very helpfull


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