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Strange errors when in server console
Hi all, i been using this forum for a while now for reference, lots of helpfull information on here, only now have i needed to make an account so... here goes Wink

I have a dedibox i'd like to run a tf2 server on, i have a little experience in running servers.

I've installed the tf2 server and setup a config file using post #8 from this Thread (thanks muppet)

i start the service and everything starts up ok, the server runs well and people can join and play.... my only problem is in the console window on the dedi i get the following:

[Image: 10zbhog.jpg]

I figured maybe not all the files had downloaded so i ran the update tool a few more times... nothing was updated.

Any suggestions? does anyone know if these messages will affect the server? i'd like to be able find out what the actually mean and to remove them in some way.

Thanks in advance


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