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Need help...
Hello !

I want to create my own server, but I've got alot of questions and some problems...
So first, in the tutorial, it said I have to create a srcds.bat, but where I put it ?
When I put it in the folder srcds, that saying "Windows can't found srcds.exe.".
But I found the .exe in orangebox folder, and I put it with in the folder srcds with the srcds.bat, and it's saying "Failed to load the launcher DLL".
So I put srcds.bat in the orangebox folder with srcds.exe, now it's working...Can I leave this file like that ? Or it can cause problem ?

Now I double click on srcds.bat, it launching 2 windows, now it's okey, think my server can work, but no one can join me, because my IP is in Lan !!

Here is my IP :

I didn't open any ports, can someone explain how to ?

Thanks alot for your future help, and sorry for my bad English xd
What guide are you using?
(07-17-2010, 11:22 PM)Nisd Wrote:  What guide are you using?

This :

and this :
First guide is out of data..... So skip that one.
Second one is fine, only follow that one.

Note that you should run the srcds.exe from the orangebox folder.
Ok, and for my LAN IP problem ? Sad
What I have to do ? Sad
If I have to open ports, can you explain to me how to do ?

Thanks alot Smile
For the port part I suggest you go to
(07-18-2010, 02:01 AM)Nisd Wrote:  For the port part I suggest you go to

Don't have my Alice Box Sad
I've got an Alice Box Sagem, but it isn't in the list, he have only an another version of Alice Box.
How to know what ports I have to open ? Sad
Argg help me Sad

Thanks Sad
You need to open port 27015 on both TCP and UDP

I have no idea how to config your router unless it is a cisco router Toungue

There is a screen, I really don't know how to do Sad
If this can help you to help me...(xD)
And sorry to be a super noob xd

Thanks alot, again !

Ps : I traduct for you, because it's not English :

Nouvelle Entrée : New entry

Valider : Validate

Nom : Name

Activé : Activate

Protocole : Protocol

Port Source : Port source

Port Destination : Port Destination

Adresse IP : Adress IP

A little up !
Again, up Sad
Help xD

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