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Surf server, need a little help ...
Well i've been fixing up a surf deathmatch server for a friend of mine. But, i've run into a small problem. I'm sure there is a simple fix but this is the first deathmatch server i have done and i'm not to sure how to fix this.

Basically, because its a deathmatch server it doesn't change the map when the time goes to 0. It will just say, "this is the last round". And it won't change unless all the players on one of the teams die.

I don't want to make the map change instantly, i want it to bring up the scoreboard like it would usually do at the end of a normal game. Can anyone lend a hand? How would i achieve this?
I too am having a problem similar to this. I am running source mod and cssdm. Since death match seems to make the map run on a seemingly endless round, the map change plugin doesn't want to change unless the round ends. I can't figure out how to force it to change "correctly" when the map time runs up.

I put emphasis on correctly because I can make it change when the time runs up with a value in the deathmatch config, but it changes it to a map in my mapcycle.txt instead of the map that was chosen via the vote. There is value to change it from mapcycle.txt to something else, but I'm not sure what to change it to, or if I should be using death match to force change my maps at all.

I have tried a Time Limit Enforcer plugin to no avail.
Here is a link to it :

Perhaps I need to edit something in my mapchooser.cfg or maplists.cfg?

Any help in this matter is appreciated, it should also assist the original poster since we both see to have the same problem.
Its my exact problem Bongo.

If you change the settings in cssdm.cfg to force mapchange, it does actually change the map to the one that was voted for by mani admin or sourcemod. At least thats what mine does, enable the force map change and then test it on your server. The only problem with this is that it will automatically change the map, without no warning or anything. It will just force the map change when the timer goes to 0.

I want it to bring up the scoreboard so that players can see their scores and know that the map is changing. Also gives players a change to type nextmap to see which map is being changed to.
I was able to fix my problem, but I see what you want to do Heartless. I may be able to assist you with yours. The only way to make yours show a scoreboard that I know of, is to make the round end.

I found a plugin that will force the round to end. You will need evenscripts though. From what I read, you need to add this value to your server.txt, dm_roundtime "insert how long you want your map to last" (Minus the "") It needs to be the same time limit as your mp_timelimit in your server.txt file. So if your mp_timelimit is 25, set dm_roundtime 25. It won't appear properly in your HUD in game, last I looked. Rounds can only go up to 9 minutes on the HUD, it claims that dm_roundtime will override it though.

Next, install the plugin. Once you have done that, add "es_load dmendround" to your autoexec.cfg, Once again, minus the quotes.

I have not tested this myself to see if it works, but it should be exactly what you wanted. Also if you want multiple rounds during the map to look at the score board, kind of like a normal css scrim match, etc. Just change dm_roundtime to a smaller value.

Edit : Forget to mention, to get this working properly, you will need to disable force map change in the cssdm.cfg document. So it will quit auto changing the map without warning.
Thanks for this i will give it a try, glad you got your problem fixed.
Something else you can try that is a bit simpler, and runs through source mod is this. It only brings up the round end score board for about 2-3 seconds, but it still does it.

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