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Server Lost Connection [10 seconds]

well, im having a problem in my server:

Sometimes, when people are playing on server, the server gives them a "Server lost connection" error, and they are freezed for 10 seconds and then they "return" to normal status.
its like if the servers were offline for 10 seconds. and then they come back online again.

This is very strange because it happens on ALL of my servers (CS 1.6, CSS, TF2, etc).
And also, it happens always at the same time! all server go offline for 10 seconds.

Server info:
Xeon I7 2.66ghz + 12gb ram
Centos 5.5 32bits with Fragaholics Guide kernel Optimization (linux-

Also, im using the onboard NIC... Can it be a problem of this? should i buy a dedicated one?

Thanks in advance
hm, I have currently (since 2 or 3 days) occasionally a similar problem, but limited to only a few players on the server (preferably me I think)... But I use a totally different kernel at the moment.

make sure you can still ping your root server during that freeze time (i.e. run a ping command constantly in the background and watch it when the problem appears). If that doesn't work chances are high that it is a connection problem of your server (ask your ISP). else log in via ssh and observe cpu usage and load average (e.g. by running a top command all the time and look at it when the problem reappears). if that is abnormally high exactly in those moments you are at least sure it's a problem of your root server. have a look into the syslog (usually /var/log/messages and other files in the same directory, and maybe the dmesg command) for error messages. I had a faulty hard drive recently causing some freezes. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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