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Server's fps will not go over 165~166 fps
The Server's FPS will not go over 166 fps on the server. It does stay rock steadySmile No matter what I change, I can not get it to go past 165~166 fps. I would like to see it around 200 or 250 fps. Does anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong?

The M/B is Tyan K8SD Pro with two opteron 270 and 8 GB of memory.

I have Gentoo OS with the following:

gcc = 3.4.4
ldd = 2.35
2.6.12-gentoo-r6 #6 SMP x86_64 Dual Core AMD Opteron processors 270

In the startup commandline I have: -tickrate 66 -fps_max 600
In the server.cfg file I have: sv_maxrate 15000 sv_maxupdaterate 30
If im not mistaken its +fps_max 600. If I am mistaken, make sure your kernel is set to 1000hz.
Problem solved. ThanksSmile Changing the -fps_max to +fps_max solved the problem. I thought the kernel timer is already running at 1000hz in kernel 2.6 I did not check what it is set at.

Thanks again!Smile
How do you check if kernel is at 1000hz?
and if not how do you change it?

(can't get my server over 333 FPS, not even with fps_max 1000)
By default newer 2.6.x kernels have a hz value of 250.
They did this because they felt that 1000 was too high.
If you goto compile a new kernel you will find the hz freuency option in make menuconfig, or make xconfig.
Also: set tickrate to 100!
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