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HL2:DM Pro 1.4 Released
Quote:Originally posted by Janek
Hi guys,

HL2DM Pro v1.4 has been released today. You can get it by clicking on the links in the right end side of our homepage : Select the files that better suits your needs.

This version is a lot more than just an enhanced version of HL2DM Pro compared to version 1.3. It introduces a massive amounts of features and improvements that makes it a major release and the real fast paced game we all wanted it to be.

A tremendous work has been done on the movement area to ensure that the bunny hop can be performed in servers in which you experience a very high ping. The gauss jump movement has also been tweaked to better match with the HL1DM/AG1 feeling.

The Team Deathmatch experience will also be better by the introduction of new features such as the use of brightskins and the use of "dynamic say" function that enables you to inform your teammates on your location (%L), health (%H) , armor (%A) and if you have the longjump module or not (%J).

Also, a lot of new features such as the possibility to drop your weapons, to carry the Longjump module with you or a hitsound being played when your shot has been registered by the server makes the mod very mature and be a real evolution. You can find the full list of what has been added/changed/fixed in this version in the "Features" section.

This version also introduces 3 well know game modes that can be used with ProMod specifities or native HL2DM :
. Arena
. Arcade
. InstantGib

For those who played HL1DM, they should be more than happy to find the remakes of a few maps in the installation package : boot_camp, stalkyard, gasworks, lambda_bunker and lost_village have been ported.
We would like to thank Keved who has done a tremendous on the remake of boot_camp in our request. This is a great remake of a legendary map. You will be able to make the nice fast gauss movements you used to do in HL1DM/AG1 but with the source engine.

We really hope that you will appreciate this version of HL2DM Pro and will play it a lot. Have fun.

Also a big thank to pilleman, Mikee, -mlv-, the full [K-9] and EFF-KULT for having helped us tuning this version.

Promod tournament :
We will run 3o3 and 1o1 competitions based on the ProMod settings shortly. So if you are interested, you can register in these threads :
. 3o3 teams registration
. 1o1 players registration

J@nek and RATICIDE
HL2DM Pro Development team

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