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Can this run on Windows7 x64 ?
I followed all the instructions here and i'm getting the error:

The procedure entry point CreateThreadPool could not be located in the dynamic link library vstdlib.dll.

Am i doing something wrong or maybe it's not compatible on Win7 x64?

Works fine for me on Windows 7 64bit.... You might wanna try and reinstall your server.
That's the 3rd time i've downloaded the damn thing and i can see that vstdlib.dll is there.
btw on Windows virtual pc XP mode i don't get that error but the server doesn't start for reasons i guess.


I managed to start the server in my Xp virtual machine and i get this:

[Image: 3ure.JPG]

but i can't find my server under "Internet" in CS:S

I've opened this ports:
UDP 1200 (Friends Network)
UDP 27000 to 27015 (Gameport)
UDP 27020
TCP 27030 to 27039
TCP: 27015 (SRCDS Rcon port)

still no go

EDIT 2: I've disconnected my router and now I'm with a direct connection to the internet and i still can't see my server or connect to it via "connect x.x.x.x" from the Consol

Forget all the above. I have 2 installs of windows with double boot on my machine. xp and win7 x64.
With xp the server works fine but with win7 x64 im getting the "vstdlib.dll" error.
Any idea?

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