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Not showing up as secure
Hi all
I have this problem with the server not showing up as secure. Its running outside the firewall so no problem there. All updates done, the cvar sv_secure 1 and -secure on commandline.
Any ideas?
Servers are secure by default.
Yes... but you didn't address his issue.

As a matter of fact, I am having the same problem.
I have sv_secure 1 and have the ports open on the router... but no matter what, the server shows as insecure.
if you type status on the server console itself.. does it say its secure?? if it just says its not secure on the server browser... try updating it.. that was a bug with an old update.. but it has been fixed since then

Status on the server console says insecure.....
try putting -secure before the -map command ... seems to be picky about things like that Gaming Servers
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This has been an issue with steam for a while since a few updates ago. Last time I checked it was function fine without -secure in your startup.
The strange thing is what the console reports when I use the following cvar command:

] status
hostname: [friEnds]SWE DoD:S
version : 2536 insecure
udp/ip :
map : dod_anzio at: 0 x, 0 y, 0 z
players : 0 (12 max)

# userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state adr
] sv_secure
"sv_secure" = "0"
- Server is using Valve Anti-Cheat

It reports its insecure, sv_secure 0 BUT using valve AntiCheat. I have sv_secure 1 in server.cfg
It probably uses VAC but reports in same way to Steam that its insecure and therefor should be presented in the serverlisting as insecure.
Ive found out q way to solve the problem but way and its not solving the reason.

But, i found the file server.vdf with some config info. Its in the srcds/platform/config map.
I opened it and changed sv_secure "0" to "1" and saved, restarted the server but it was still insecure and the figure 1 was changed to 0. I did the same procedure but writeprotected the file and suddenly, it helped. Its now showing up as secure in serverlisting ( [friEnds]SWE DoD:s ) But that cant be the final solution or the reason just a symptom.

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