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Switching From Windows To Linux

Right now I run Windows 2000 boxes and and looking into switching to linux. I want to know what would be the best version of linux to use?

Box Specs are
Dual 2400+
2gig Ram
10/100 and 100/1000 nic cards
NO raid

Thanks Munra
You will never get a definate answer on this. I use Fedora Core 3 right now and have no problems. Using fedora because I am doing alot more on that box than just running a dedicated server.

I think many will say debian is good. I don't think I would use fedora if I was only running a dedicated game server though.
I use Gentoo linux. Nothing more. Gentoo is a powerful distro and closest thing to FreeBSD as far as linux goes with its emerge system. Installing it CAN be a pain, but once its up and running its smooth sailing.
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Thx so I am assuming that the more pupular linux distros like radhat or Mandrake are no good for srcds. That is all I would be running is servers and an ftp maybe a firewall Cuase my windows has been hacked in the past
centos 3.4 is pretty good for game servers, been using it for little under half a year now and have had no problems. Smile.
I run mine on RHES 3 with no issues. do keep in mind that a good majority of centOS is based off the RHES code. Only a couple of changes (and pieces of software) were removed/modified to get it to work that way. FreeBSD has rumored performance increases but I am not sure how true that it. Most linux distros should work well. It is all a matter of how the system is compiled and what all is running at the time. Everyone has their preferences but the main thing to worry about is if you are not using common compatible hardware. Emphasis on this is whether or not the OS when installed has support for the hardware and if you have to install it manually or not OR whether the support for that hardware you find is stable or not.

There are a lot of things to consider in a linux based server. Make sure you are prepared to jump into it full force if you do and get the info you need ahead of time. SECURE YOUR SERVER. I can't tell you how many servers that I deal with on a daily basis that get taken offline due to lack of security.

There are a lot of excellent measures out there in the community to protect your server. Just make sure to utilize them all.
Ive heard good things about cent os though i myself use fedora core 4 havnt reli had it tht long but it seems ok i like all the different features and how you can customize each program pretty much.
Havnt reli used anything else but my distro i think it was the server setup or sumthing didnt have vsftpd installed took me a good day or 2 to set tth up. but now everything is fine.
seems to be quite efficient im running a 22 man 100tick and 2 22 man 66 tick and a 100tick 12 man match server off a xeon 1 gig ram. no lag so far but have yet to see how it copes under max load.
it would probably be able to handle it assuming that xeon is using scsi drives. otherwise the bus of the server may fill quickly if they were all under load. if you have 2 scsi drives that would be better so you can spread the load betweeen them but otherwise you would be kinda pushing it. As long as there are no other processes running and nothing critical happens those servers SHOULD be able to run just fine.
I think the 22 100tick server takes the s**t out the cpu so i might downgrade tht to 66tick i only reli need 60 66tick slots on each server so thts probably a good idea.
I've used Red Hat and SuSE, I use SuSE almost exclusively and have for years. I guess it all depends on what you like best.

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