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Garry's Mod server causing Client Crash.
All people joining my gmod server are crashing. I just added some Fretta SVN stuff, but that shouldn't affect anything, right?

This line appears in my server console:

Failed to load Steam ServiceServiceStart: failed to startUnkown command "ServerSettings"
Run the updater with -verify_all as well as try running a vanilla server and see if the problem exists. Also post the readme info.
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A customer had the same issue, The solution we had was to completely delete the servers files and re-download fully from valve. Simply running the update on existing files did not fix this problem.
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I'm having the exact same problem but redownloading everything from scratch didnt fix it and im stuck with 2 servers that just stopped working.
At spartanfrog's suggestion i reinstalled gmod and it fixed it. I only deleted a few folders though.

I deleted the following folders from my client installation:


Then i verified the cache files and started up the game and i was able to connect!

Hopefully this will fix this problem others had.

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