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Server Strange Crash!

We have a server

Pentium 2.8
windows Xp
Mani Admin Plugin
ETB (erics TeamBalancer)
SMall Stat

We have recently had about 8-12crashes per day and we have tried everything. even just reinstalled the whole server to make sure. but that didnt help..

I know its hard to tell what could be wrong but we suspect there is something to do with the program and hardware..

The error popup message we get dosnt help much but now i have taken a screenshot from the whole desktop and there is some error stuff about shutting down in the Srcds window, see for your self..

any ideas or tips what i could do to try and fix this problem.. we have a wery high loaded server but this is really sinking us..

Thanks for a great tool and forum..

main Admin

[Image: crashscreen.gif]
[Image: image.png]
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try running purely standard maps, if there are no crashes then you know the customs (usually) are to blame Gaming Servers
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yea its usually a mixture between custom maps and bots.
skeletor Wrote:yea its usually a mixture between custom maps and bots.

I have this same problem, even if I run classic map (I run alwaus classic maps) like de_dust2 and no bots. It comes everytime I run SrcDS.
just lately? like the past couple days.. if you have mani or beetle or any plugin, either remove them, or update them.

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