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vstdlib.dll error
When i start my server, i get a error message about GetCVarIF cant be found in the dll vstdlib.dll

Please help
I also get this error when the map changed

Im usieng win 7 home preium

But the server runs fine, right? Or not?

See also:
Steam username for communication: root_admin (but i'm just a regular user)
Yh, it runs just fine exept that every time it changes map i get the errors, so i cant leave my computer when the server is running.

Can someone who dont get this error please upload thair dll file, so i can try to use that. Idk if its just my computer thats not working.

I tried replaceing it with the dll file from the steam folder, now i get a new error about CreateThreadPool, and the server shuts down.
I get the same problem. Help!
Got it fixed now... think there was a probmlem with a addon...

I just removed the whole server, and reinstalled....

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