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illegal instruction
Hi all, new to the forum. just want to start off saying I love me some linux and I'd love to get this server up and running on my fedora 13 box (might even move it over to a puppy, DSL, or another small distro)

My current server Admin/clan member challened me to setup a SRCDS server with manimod and admin plugins, so i accepted the challenge and even told him I'd do it on linux (which im more familiar with any way).. well i need a bit of help here.. or at least a confrimation.

Im currently at work so I'll post as much info as I can remember and will post more later once i get home (if needed)

running fedora 13 (should be a 2.6 kernel) on a AMD sempron@1.2Ghz w/ 1.5gigsRam

Im not running it as root

i checked the version via

u83rmensch@forgeprime~# ./steam -command version

i dont remember every peice of info that it reterns because I am at work but i do remember that it said it as version 39 ( which I've come to understand that this version is the one that fixes the issue with the Illegal instruction error.

I've ran ~# cat /proc/cpuinfo and found that my motherboard/cpu only as SSE (and not SSE2)

After a bit of research I've come to find that SSE2 is required for the linux compiled version of srcds however in the Illegal instcrution sticky thread shows as follows

post1: >informs users that SSE2 is required on the linux version of srcds and that there is yet to be a fix for it

post2: >tell says the issue has been resolved, however it does not say what the resolution is nor does give any sort of change log or information regarding what exactly was "resolved".

so i ask, has SSE support been added to the linux version of srcds and if so why might my server not want to start?

(also I was getting an error inplying it did not know the "game 'cstrike' sepecified" , but i do not remeber the whole error and will add to this when i get home, but any help now would be much appriciated)
any one?
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This one liner should tell you if SSE is present

if(grep sse /proc/cpuinfo > /dev/null ); then echo sse is present ; else echo sse is not present; fi
if(grep sse2 /proc/cpuinfo > /dev/null ); then echo sse2 is present ; else echo sse2 is not present; fi

Runs like this:

[root@unknown ~]# if(grep sse /proc/cpuinfo > /dev/null ); then echo sse is present ; else echo sse is not present; fi
sse is present

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Thats not what im asking.. I already know my cpu has SSE but not SSE2, all im asking is if the new version (39) will work with an SSE only cpu's because I know i dont have SSE2, only SSE.

simple question

can i run a linux srcds server with a chip that has SSE but not SSE2

other forums I've found while searching for answers seem to imply that u can but are not specific, i just want to verify, if it does not work with an SSE only chip then then obviously I can stop trying to figure out what else might be wrong.
can no one seriously answer this simple question?
You need SSE2 instructions, per reverse engineering:

Checking vendor_id string... GenuineIntel
Disassembling cstrike/bin/, please wait...
i486: 0 i586: 16 ppro: 3781 mmx: 0 sse: 460 sse2: 164 sse3: 0 sse4.1: 0 sse4.2: 0

I see 164 SSE2 opcodes in the file.

“The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.”

well thats a damn shame.. but ok thanks. Im just going to try to run this server on my laptop and i seem to be running into different issues (server starts but does not show in server list on my local network)

I'll do some research and if i need to I'll post another thread again requesting help.

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