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When I joined my server today,i saw this message?

Client and Server product versions do not match

So,what is going on here?Do I have to update the server again?Please tell me how to update the server.Is there anyway to update it from distance?(I am in Crete for holidays and the server is located at the University Of Patras,Peloponisos)
get same error
If it's a Linux server i'd say connect to it via SSH, on Windows i wish you the best of luck if remote support or RDP isn't enabled.
Steam username for communication: root_admin (but i'm just a regular user)
There was another garrysmod update yesterday. This is about the 3rd in a week.
Unless you have already set up software on your pc so you can access it from other locations like remote desktop your not going to be able to update it.
All you need to do is get someone to run "HldsUpdateTool.exe" if im not mistaken.
You'll have to wait till your back from holiday.

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