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[Resolved] FastDL, couldnt CRC map
Hey guys,
I just got a root server from Hetzner,
cpu: Inte i7 920
ram: 8Gb DDR3
HDD: 2x750Gb RAID1
OS: Linux - Debian - Lenny

games specific specs:
games hosted: css, hl2mp, SourceForts
game addons: Metamod:Source, SourceMod

I tested this on one of my SourceForts server
I have a problem with my FastDL server:

Map [maps/sf_banan_2.bsp] has incorrect BSP version (643383601 should be 20).
Couldn't CRC map maps/sf_banan_2.bsp, disconnecting

the FastDL server should be set up correctly,

the maps in the FastDL server are Bzip2'd, and the .bsp are in the game server.
I tried reuploaded the bsp twice and i bzip'd the maps using 7zip the first time and the bzipper i found here the 2nd time...

When you DL a map from the FastDL server the game is supposed to decompress it in your map folder, Here when i check the DLed map in my map folder the bsp is the same size as the bzip'd version.

If anyone knows how to fix this, please help. I've been working on this for the last 2 days...

Thanks guys.

How does your sv_downloadurl look?
//FastDL link
sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowdownload 1 // download from server
sv_allowupload 1 // upload to serveur
it changes across servers but the sv_downloadurl "" might need to be sv_downloadurl "" beacuse the // disable things.
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Hey, Thanks a lot man. It works, the DL time is longer but it works Big Grin
Probably just your internet connection that is slow......

If you wanna compare it, just try and disable the fast dl Toungue

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