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Server crashing, and wierd prints in server-console
Hi, after the recent update my server is getting an wierd print
Quote:A2C_PRINT from : No challenge for your address.
And sometimes
Quote:A2C_PRINT from : Bad challenge.
Im getting the top one the most. The even worse part is that the server only lasts for 10-20 min before crashing itself, or if an player joins it also crashes... Like ive seen in many cases of the A2C_Print message, the server does not delist from the serverlist, but i dosent get any "Added masterserver "ip" " Print anymore, just the connection to Steam servers succsessful... The server is an Garrysmod server.

EDIT: I see now that just before it crashes it prints an error msg, cant see what it is but it was something about an file or something with the filetype .cpp. Is'nt .cpp something about C++ projectfiles?

EDIT2: Took an moviecapture of it... Heres the error it shows just before exiting... :
Quote:workthreadpool.cpp <296> : Assertion Failed: CWorkThreadPool: :StopWorkThreads: Some threads required forcible termination.
Anyone knows what causes this?

Thanks : )
Took some troubleshooting, and found out that it was the Evolve(admin plugin) that caused the problem... Good trick for those having problems with gmod, try remove everything(addons,maps,gamemodes,cfgs) before asking Wink Its often the problem Smile

Thanks for the help? xD
Well the server is still spamming/being spammed of the
Quote:A2C_PRINT from : No challenge for your address.
The bad challenge one has dissapeard... But does anyone know what causes this?


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