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server jumpy
I have a srcds. im pretty sure its got the connection, i think my up was 1284 and my down was like 764. here is my cvars

// bandwidth rates/settings
sv_minrate 4000
sv_maxrate 9000
decalfrequency 60
sv_maxupdaterate 30
sv_minupdaterate 10
i am also using srcdsfpsboost.exe plus a few registry tweaks and im still experiencing the jumpiness in the server. can anyone help plz.
oh sorry i forgot i post i have a p4 2.93 ghz with a 533 mhz fsb. i have 512 mb of dual channel memory, soon to be a gig or more. thnx all
well you could try a bit higher of an updaterate.. like 60 or soo. umm.. check cpu usage on the computer, make sure theres not anything bogging it down at all.

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