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Will Verizon Notice Me?
Ok, I have Verizon Residential. I usually get 25/25 even though I'm sure I pay for 30/30, but other than that, I set up a 32 slot tf2 server for my steam group Fate's Shadow on linux on my laptop. Now, will verizon notice this bandwidth being used and can they turn off my internet? It's a shame to see all this bandwidth go to waste, afterall, I pay for it.
As long as you don't have any caps, you shouldn't worry about it. Dam, the other day someone told me they had that speed, and I wished I had it. I'm hosting my server on my 25/4 connection from Comcast.
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The worse they can do is ask you to upgrade to a business line if you are using a bunch of bandwidth. But if your server is not full all the time, you should be okay.
When you signed up for your internet, im sure there would have been something in the contract related to bandwidth. If there isnt anything about bandwidth limits in your contract, you have nothing to worry about Smile
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Ive been running alot of servers off my home internet (80mbps down/20mbps up) and I have Verizon Fios and I havent gotten in trouble with running 10 severs off my internet so I think you will do fine.
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I doubt they would notice but if you do not have a static ip, the address of your server will change.
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Check your TOS. There are sometimes restrictions about running servers.
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I normally run my game servers from another remote location but I've run just about everything else under the tcp/ip sun server wise for years on FiOS without any issues. You're paying for it, use it or lose it.
Verizon has a very very strict no server policy. Instead of asking on the forums, you should look at the agreement you signed with Verizon. I know for a fact that they do not allow the use of servers for non-business FIOS subscribers. When I activated my Droid, I had to sign an agreement stating that if I ever tethered it, my account would be locked and my service suspended.

So yeah, I would actually look at the legal document you signed for the answers to that.
Verizon won't care. Back when I had a business connection with them I asked their techs (who were out here upgrading me) if verizon would have even cared if I hosted servers when I was on residential. Their response was basically "We don't care" for game servers.

You can't use "too much" of their bandwidth because they have their own backbone and are not even near capacity - they won't care in the slightest for game servers.

I can't say the same about the states that were sold to Frontier. But since frontier wants to push a 5GB monthly bandwidth cap, they would probably care.

It's up to you tbh. The worst that can happen is they call you and give you a warning over it (I doubt they will shut you down without at least one warning)

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