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Required Killing Floor Update Released (6-29-10)
John Gibson Wrote:A required update for Killing Floor has been released. All servers will need
to be updated to maintain compatibility with clients and to appear in the
server browser. This is a bug fix update only, and is not the planned free
content pack that we are working on and will be releasing in the not too
distance future.

Killing Floor Update Changelog

- Fixed clients hanging during map change

- Fixed an exploit found in the Perks system

- Fixed a glitch and memory leak in the Audio system

- Fixed downloaded files in the Cache folder causing Perks to disable

Mac Specific Fixes:

- Audio effects should be more correct (footsteps should be audible,

player's own gunshots should be louder, etc).

- Fixed MP7 Shoot sound not working properly

- Dedicated server should work now.

- Motion blur, windowed mode, and crossbow scope should work on all ATI

GPUs, now.

- No longer forces crossbow scope to "Textured" mode at startup.

- Other minor fixes.


John Gibson


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