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Time to update the website??
Ok guys?

time to update?

I have a problem to install, Who can help me? Big Grin
I got this error:
[user@localhost bitch]# ./
: command not found:
Starting Bitch Cs:Source Server
sleep: invalid time interval `1\r'
Try `sleep --help' for more information.
echo "Starting Bitch Cs:Source Server"
sleep 1
screen -A -m -d -S bitch ./orangebox/srcds_run -console -game cstrike +map de_dust2 +maxplayers 12 -ip -port 27016 -autoupdate
You dont need the first 3 lines at all Smile (they are superflouos in my oppinion)

Also, put the start script in your orangebox folder and use this instead:
screen -A -m -d -S bitch ./srcds_run -console -game cstrike +map de_dust2 +maxplayers 12 -ip -port 27016 -autoupdate
Slå den med jeres fiberforbindelser...

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ok nice thanks.

somebody needs to re-write the install page! (A)
the first line is needed to make sure the script runs correctly. else you might have some undefined behaviour (it speficies the interpreter, if you don't do that your shell decides what to do, and that might be the wrong thing).

EDIT: judging from the error messages you saved the script file with the wrong line ending format. make sure it's unix not windows! (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!
Thanks guys, my 5 servers are running again!
But I still hope somebody gonna re-write the install page Toungue Big Grin :$

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