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windows - Start / Stop / Reestar - Please help me
Good night friends!
First and foremost I apologize for my English is bad, I'm Brazilian and I'm writing this post to Google translator.

The question is this, I have an awesome Xeon dedicated server with a broadband 10mbits and I put some servers CS: S in it, but I need a script to start / stop / restart, I found several on linux, but I'm Using Windows Server 2008 and would like some done in php or java script or something. For just put the server and I link to my site and will be very good access for a start and stop the server via the web.

Please help me, anyone we do not want help and want to sell, I buy, since it is a fair price.

Regards to all.

Macaxeira - Brazil
There is some free scripts around here, just do a simple search. Or you can always buy TCAdmin, it is a great online script to managing your servers.
Ryan White
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