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Need help Port Redirecting
i am trying to make a Garr's Mod server and i have done the other things but not the port redirecting i just don't understand it (i generaly don't understand the internet and it's many ways) but some body please help me it would be very greatfull

(i am on win7 )
First of all, too least details here, but as i understood the question, you are asking how to make multiple servers and how the port thing works. So here it is:

You can write any port at server's starting line by writing -port xxxxxx. And if you don't wanna do that for some reason, your first server (first one, which is ran) is given 27015 port, second 27016 and so on. Sorry if this is not detailed, maybe someone will give you a link to some wiki or something, hope this help you though.

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