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bot_add crash
I have a 16 slot CSS server.
Mani Admin U
Eventscripts 2
hailmary ( Wire Pull )

Every so often my admins will try to add bots on the server and the server will crash.
Does not happen all the time
try without any plugins. and make sure your provider allows bots if you are not running on a root server... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Yes, crashing my server too. Try disabling evenscripts, as they are messed up now and i don't have mani plugin, only sourcemod and evenscripts.
I will try that
Nothing to do with eventscripts i believe, i don't ES installed and my server crashes when i use bot_add_ct or bot_add_t this is stupid because, sometimes i can add bots with sucess but other times the server refuses and crashes lol
Reinstall your server, then try it while vanilla. Then proceed to install all your plugins and try adding bots one at a time.
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