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Eventscript Problem in Console
Hello Guys Im back with more problems Smile

Yesterday the new CS:S update was released, and I had to make brand new servers to make them work with the new update.

Ive installed Sourcemod, Metamod, EStools and Eventscripts on the server, but when I open the server I get some strange errors:

Link to picture
(Didnt work to show image in the post, so I made it a link)

I know you guys have a great amount of skill and have helped me alot earlier!
Have a nice day,
Add me on steam "jefsin" if you need help to get your server online! Smile

Realchamp is like an updated file,
everytime my server is f*cked,
he always got new methods to put it together!

Quote:Hazz Wrote:
Has someone helped you on these forums? If so, help someone else

Dont expect Eventscripts to work just after an update, especially when its so big, as this one is. Im sure Mattie will release a new version, but until that, we will have to wait Smile
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