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Dual or single processor for Linux srcds
What is this forums opinion on dual processor vs single processors for a dedicated server ?

I have read in a a few places that the source enginbe works best with single processor but I have no way to compare.

Which would be best to run 2-20 player pubs and a single 14 player private.....

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• 3.6GHz P4, 800MHz FSB, 1024MB RAM, 120GB SATA Drive
it wont necesarialy run "beter" on a single core machine it just wasnt coded to utalize 2 processors at once, however linux with smp support will run 2 server processes on 2 different processors, so 1 proc wont be running 2 threads rather 2 procs will be running 1 thread, or in your case 1 will run 2 and 1 will run 1 thread and whatever else your running on the server.

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