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missing map
i am running a windows server and i am using sv_downloadurl .most of the time when a player trying to download a new map it says missing map and he can't download the map even he try again. any solution?
Check your server.cfg, make sure sv_allowdownload 1 is set, and be sure when using the fast download, use quotes, and be sure it leads to the cstrike folder on your web server. Ex. sv_downloadurl ""

Also be sure you uploaded the correct map to the fast download server too.
Ryan White
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i have these already in my server.cfg
If I have maps in my computer ? I have web server on my computer and maps are in

sv_downloadurl "" player can download maps or not ? I need to add link with external IP ( ) or internal ( IP ?
you need to use your external ip
Thanks Wink
this is my topicSad any answer for me?
Put this in server.cfg, then restart the server:

net_maxfilesize 999
i have it already
I had the same issue using my windows IIS server. IIS will not permit a file to download if the MIME type isn't on the MIME list. So you need to add the following types to the list yourself or have your host add it to IIS (if you are using a windows server/ If you're not I can't help you).

Extension - MIME
.bsp - application/octet-stream
.nav - application/octet-stream
.bz2 - application/octet-stream

You might need it for other file types also depending on what add-ons you have. Add the MIME then restart IIS. If it works you should be able to simply go to and it should download right there in your web browser.


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