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can't find my server
hello i have a problem whit no one can join my server..
I want my server to get on Server list but it dont show up..
and no one can join Sad i get some pic's of my ports and my Srcds

UDP 1200 1200
TCP 27015-27030
UDP 27000-27039

i hope you guys can help me ;I whould be so great =p

i also have msn if someone can help me in there too =)
maybe alittle bit easyer Shy

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First of all, you can't view your server in the Internet tab if it is in the LAN tab of the server viewer.

However, if other people are unable to connect (via your external IP), try these 2 things:

1) Disable your Firewall on your computer
2) Make the ports forwarded 27000-27040 UDP/TCP
Error: I could not see your service on on port (27015)
Reason: Connection refused

it just say that ;I and my firewall is turned off .. i just deleted my anti-vrius prgs
and still not working :I

i tryed to see in ..
I cant get anyone to connect either. Some elaberated help on this would be much appreciated. My msn is or you can pm me as im in the steam group under jojo.

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