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Unable to load mani-admin-plugin
I have been spinning my wheels since last Friday night. I have searched without success, probably because I have not found any indicators as to WHY mani will not load.

Per, the sticky READMEFIRST - Linux:
Server OS: ESX: Running Centos 5 32bit
Processor: Dual 3.0GHz Xeon - Single Cores w/Hyperthreading. (setup to never have less than 2.4GHz available, and may use up to all available resources)
Ram: 3G Dedicated, 8G available (setup to never have less than 3G available, and may use up to all installed resources)
Game(s): Counter-Strike Source
Admin Mods: So Far, Just Mani.
Bandwidth: Unrestricted OC3. (Thats right, no kidding)

Full Install Command: ./steam -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir .
//The server works flawlessly other than mani will not load.

Installed srcds, downloaded and installed *using's official guide* 1.2U for orangebox. Only result I get is "Unable to load mani_admin_plugin" (see console dump below). Tried creating the .vdf manually and with the .exe included with mani. Neither work, and I'm stumped. The only other anomaly I get is when I try to login to RCON (via console in-game from winblows) [rcon_password "thepassword"], I get "Lost RCON connection, please retry command (UNKNOWN ERROR)" after every subsequent command I enter (like start mani_admin_plugin).
So, RCON no workie, and mani will not load. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Here comes the console dump:
*Note* Best I can tell, I've googled all the other errors in the console dump and the general concensus for each seemed to be "It just does that for everyone, don't worry about it." Please correct me if I'm wrong. is as follows:
./srcds_run -game cstrike +map de_dust2 +maxplayers 22 -autoupdate

And then:
[seakin@cstrike ~]$ ./
Auto detecting CPU
Using SSE2 Optimised binary.
Server will auto-restart if there is a crash.
Updating server using Steam.
Checking bootstrapper version ...
Updating Installation
Checking/Installing 'Counter-Strike Source Shared Content' version 75

Checking/Installing 'Base Source Shared Models' version 4

Checking/Installing 'Base Source Shared Sounds' version 4

Checking/Installing 'Base Source Shared Materials' version 8

Checking/Installing 'Source Dedicated Server Linux' version 98

HLDS installation up to date
CAsyncIOManager: 0 threads terminating. 0 reads, 0 writes, 0 deferrals.
CAsyncIOManager: 102 single object sleeps, 0 multi object sleeps
CAsyncIOManager: 0 single object alertable sleeps, 0 multi object alertable

Console initialized.
Game.dll loaded for "Counter-Strike: Source"
Unable to load plugin "../cstrike/addons/mani_admin_plugin"
maxplayers set to 32
maxplayers set to 22
Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated Yes, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL
Executing dedicated server config file
Incorrect price blob version! Update your server!
ERROR: mp_dynamicpricing set to 1 but couldn't download the price list!
Error: Material "sprites/bubble" : proxy "AnimatedTexture" not found!
Section [Scenes]: 0 resources total 0 bytes, 0.00 % of limit (2.10 MB)
appdatacache.cpp (311) : Assertion Failed: !"Implement me"
Adding master server
Adding master server
Connection to Steam servers successful.
VAC secure mode is activated.
(06-19-2010, 04:17 AM)anubix042 Wrote:  Installed srcds, downloaded and installed *using's official guide* 1.2U for orangebox.

cs:s is not yet orange box. this will change soon (I've heard next week), but for the moment it's not.

and btw: you should consider switching from mani to sourcemod (or some other admin plugin). mani is very buggy and not maintained very well. if you use it you should expect your server to get hacked. also you will probably run into major problems when css is moved to the orange box, because the update will take (probably) a long time. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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